“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”
—George Bernard Shaw

“Let what you do be what you love.”

If you’re looking for a traditional ‘about me’ background that speaks of doing one thing with passion, my love of dark chocolate and my desire to climb Kilimanjaro only after I’ve sailed around the world solo, you’re reading the wrong bio!

Though I confess to loving chocolate and miss it terribly since giving it up to go mostly-Macrobiotic, I am not a traditionalist in any sense of the word, so consider this fair warning–nothing you read about me will sound like someone else you know, and that makes me happy.

Let’s start with what I do, because like many of us, how we spend our day in small measure defines who we are.

(Hum the William Tell Overture while reading this) I am a writer, speaker, holistic mama, healer, singer, voice over talent, media personality! In other words a spiritual being having one heck of a human experience this time around the sometimes dizzying circle of life! And that doesn’t cover everything I want to do!

In August 2014, Bravo featured me as their “eco-Kosher-Shamanistic-all-natural-spiritual-mom” on the debut episode of their new series: Extreme Guide to Parenting. Prior to that I was known mostly for my work as a singer, writer and Cantor. My High Holy Day gigs and full time pulpits took me from Malibu to Manhattan with substantial pitstops in Pittsburgh, and Greenwich, CT. I love helping people find connection and inspiration through my “spiritual-vocalist” roles which also includes being a non-denominational Interfaith Minister. I officiate nowadays for independent, unaffiliated, or any family looking for something holy and wholly different. And I round out my clergy duties by serving as Assistant Cantor for the High Holy Days at Kol Ami in White Plains, NY.

But expressing my voice through singing is only one of my chosen paths.

Passionate about helping children and their families, I am a holistically oriented parent, writer and speaker, seeking out and sharing information for the spiritual, educational and emotional needs of on and beyond-the-spectrum children.

And if I were not juggling enough, I have added to my ever-expanding tool box the title of Certified Past Life Repressionist. My private practice is located in S. Salem, NY.

My philosophy: One Voice–Many Paths also includes current projects: a book, Beyond-the-Spectrum, founding and leading the Holistic Moms Network chapter for N. Westchester and lower Putnam counties, a video series featuring amazing modalities, practitioners and practices and an eBook to help everyone take baby steps into leading a holistically happy life.

And that is why I started my company, Diva Mama, LLC ~ as a means of harnessing the magic of healing modalities with mainstream media to offer transformational products, programs & practices to create the vibrant life you deserve. If you want to find out more about my past life practice or my intoxicatingly powerful, eco-consciously produced, energetically charged, therapeutic grade custom blend Transformational Aromatherapy line of Synergy Sprays™ ~ for everyone seeking sanity on the way to serenity, click on the Synergy Spray and Past Life tabs above!

But that’s not all. It wasn’t just MY face on Bravo – it was my whole family. And my daughter, Emma, is doing pretty well continuing her real acting and music career. Her first feature film, #Horror, is out this year. And though I don’t shy away from just being ME – you may have also seen me as someone else, as in on my “mother-funny” NickMom videos or a commercial here and there. And if you don’t know my face, you may know my voice because I am also a voice-over artist for any person, project or product that resonates as high-vibe or spiritually sexy.

I am grateful for the abundance of bizarre and transformative events that have shaped my life. It has been a joy to share my tremendous versatility, range and open-heartedness for the last 20+ years of performing, hosting, and facilitating live events across mainstream media and spiritual areas.

Finally, I would not be joyously on my journey if I didn’t have the blessings and support of my beloved menagerie which consists of two amazing, esoteric and artistic children, my TV exec/writer, BFF and soulmate Andy, our double yellow headed Amazon parrot, Rio Suave, and our baby Lucy, the reincarnated spirit of Petey from the Little Rascals!

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