CBD: What You Need to Know & Why

As my teenage son likes to say: “CBD is the S*** yo!”  Cute, isn’t he?  And he’s right.  

You know why? Because he, like the rest of my family, knows exactly what CBD is, what it does, and why it’s so essential for our bodies, brains, and basically our entire planet!  

Check out this ever-growing list of resources and download a ton of helpful information and health overviews so come back soon, and often.

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‘Nuff said.  

Hell NO GMO!

Clearly another of my pet peeves is the incredible amount of misinformation surrounding THIS topic!  Check out the various recommendations I have for educational materials, documentaries you can watch.

Indigo, Crystals & More

Oh MY!I can see the eyebrows raising and head scratching from here.  I know plenty of people won’t have a clue what Indigos and Crystals are, and that’s cool… but if you want to learn about them (especially since you may have or BE one) this is the section to check for links to great books, blogs, articles, and information.

Integrative Health & Natural Wellness

I’m a firm believer in a “YES, and…” attitude and conversation. Say you’re on Western meds for something.  That’s cool.You be you. I’ll leave the judgmental “tsk-tsk” for your crotchety old neighbor who hasn’t left his humble abode since Nixon was President.

I just want to make sure you have a wider perspective than the one inherited by most of us (myself included) based on how we were raised.

After all, to Get WOKE! you’ve got to be willing to step just a little bit further out of your comfort zone, or jump deeper into the rabbit hole.  What have you got to lose?  Let’s go from baby steps to leaping tall buildings in a single bound!  


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