Reverend Shira Adler

Reverend Shira Adler

The Divine is never more present than when two hearts unite in love, reminding us that we have more in common than that which separates us.

As an interfaith minister, understanding is more than my specialization, it is my inspiration, my reason for being, my joy.

Too many times I have heard stories of how a couple had great difficulty finding the right officiant, one who could truly understand and speak to the combination of their traditions, backgrounds and spiritual needs. I am that officiant.

Creating ceremonies that can transform people’s lives is why I am an interfaith minister. Because of my extensive clergy background, I can respect the more structured forms of religious traditions, while understanding the sensitivities and complexities that often exist for interfaith families.

The service that we create together will hold the highest level of spirituality and inclusivity, creating a warm and engaging experience that will bring you, your families and special guests closer together.

This is my passion and my commitment to you.

There is nothing more sacred than a union between two people who choose each other in love, for life.

It is my mission to create a bridge for you to walk upon, illuminated by the divine sparks that will forever light your united path.

Call today to discuss your dream and let’s realize it, together.