There are so many organizations ready, and willing, to take on the "CBD Challenge" and get the RIGHT information into the world.

It's not okay that people are over-medicated and underserved!
I'm here to spread the word that there are options.

Safe options.

I love sharing the power of CBD and clearing up
the mis-information for both individuals and organizations.

Available for groups, retailers, bookstores, libraries, or individuals to do book signings, speaking engagements, educational webinars, and consultancy, email:

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Podcasts & Interviews

Shira joins Natalie Viglione on the Disrupt Now podcast to share her journey from being totally "anti-pot" to being a CBD proponent and advocate.

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Shira and her book, The ABCs of CBD, land in Dope Magazine.

Shira lands in the High Times “100 Most Influential People in Cannabis” edition.

Shira goes "Splimming" and talks about "The ABCs of CBD" for parents and kids. Check out the interview.