In the years I’ve been a performer, I can honestly say I have left no vocal stone unturned.

Every classical voice teacher of mine felt I should focus on opera. Every acting coach encouraged me to pursue musical theatre, studio and voice-over work. I tried them all and loved each one. So, quite organically, this spaghetti-on-the-wall approach became the foundation of my extremely eclectic career.

From opera and oratorio to old school southern rock, musical theatre to Mozart, world music, pop, R&B jazz and cabaret, I have sung it all. I am comfortable in any venue from studios to stadiums, cathedrals to concert halls; with 160 voice choirs, trios, chamber ensembles and full symphony orchestras.

Having truly out-of-the-box spiritual tastes, I have written, performed and produced concerts, benefits, commercials, festivals, healing workshops with diverse artists ranging from world music divas to kosher gospel singers.

I also produce, script and voice high-vibe products, projects and for people including the Awaken Wellness Fair, Footsteps through the Sands of Time: A Guided Journey for Relaxation, Regression and Meditation, and A Weekend of Change DVD with author, speaker and change optimist Ariane deBonvoisin.

I’m also excited about what’s coming next. After years of creating, developing and voicing albums, concerts and commercials for others, I have followed by joy back into the world of Voice-Over and Commercials! I’m now comfortably in the groove as the quintessential attractive shopper mom – everybody’s best friend – the girl next door, all grown up, someone you know, someone you trust, because she’s just like you!

Because of my 20+ year experience performing, hosting and facilitating live events, I can voice YOUR product or project with authenticity, passion, transparency, a high-vibe spark of sexiness and soothing down-home resonance.

But don’t take my word for it. Andy Kadison, award winning writer, producer, media exec. and brand positioning expert says: “Shira is a powerful communicator who speaks from the heart, connects with her soul, engaging consumers with her warmth and integrity.” Listen to my commercial demo HERE (mp3 version here).

And yes, I’m still singing. I’ve begun work on my debut CD. A combination of world music, inspirational lyrics, pop sensibility and meditational grooves, this upcoming album is intended to reach a wide domestic and international audience willing to embrace my unique transformational music.

For more information or bookings contact or 914-861-5186

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