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Blending ancient wisdom with modern science

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T3cSynergy CBD ~ to support YOUR family’s wellness




CBD Infused Aromatherapy ~ Synergy Sprays™:







Made from therapeutic grade essential oils, these proprietary blends are a transformative, gentle and effective way to shift your energy and restore your vibrant self.







If the daily grind of parenting, work and relationships is getting you down or stressing you out, or your kids are feeling irritable, disconnected, anxious, unfocused, super sensitive, hyper or moody CBD infused Aromatherapy Synergy Sprays™, are the quickest way to get you back to feeling like your best self.







As often as you like! Just spray 2-3 times around your head and shoulders – suggested use am and pm and anytime in between!








CBD is the most significant plant based wellness ingredient in modern science! CBD (short for “cannabidiol“) is one of the 100+ ingredients called cannabinoids, naturally occurring in cannabis & hemp. Our CBD is completely pure, consistent & tested and because of our powerful purification and formulation system, our products are unique compared to industry standards. Our CBD comes from hemp and is the most important of the cannabinoid group known fundamentally as a highly effective anti-inflammatory agent, CBD is also indicated in dozens of the most highly accredited worldwide medical institutions peer reviewed studies for everything from chronic pain relief, to tumor reduction/elimination, to Colitis/Crohn’s, Dravet’s Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MS, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, ADHD, mental health issues, Autism, and more . . . Simply put, CBD, is the NON-PSYCHOACTIVE ingredient in cannabis and hemp plants. In medical cannabis low doses of THC act as a driver to create an “entourage” effect for the CBD, which our bodies crave LITERALLY, since we are designed with an endocannabinoid receptor system. We have many products coming down the line specific for medical cannabis users, which will be available through dispensaries, but for now we are thrilled to introduce something EVERYONE can safely and easily use and enjoy that have CBD ONLY – in other words, they have no THC!




People LOVE our Synergy Sprays and on limited occassions, we also offer GO BEYOND edible organic chocolate chip cookies (visit us on our FB page for more info.) WHY are our products so popular?



CBD has other significant benefits and when you mix CBD with our high quality essential oils, you’ve now got the PERFECT SYNERGY of ancient wisdom and modern science! Our customers share how much they love our Synergy Sprays and report how awesome they are if you’re looking for something that can be anti-anxiety, anti-depression, anti-psychotic, but with ZERO side effects and ZERO contraindications. That means CBD is a great way to manage and support whatever your label, diagnosis, lifestyle, emotional, environmental or physical challenge may be. The CBD hemp full spectrum oil we use comes from the highest quality farm that is above and beyond industry standards. Our CBD is lab tested, certified, organic, consistent and comes from happy and healthy hemp so it’s fully legal, safe, non-toxic and incredibly beneficial for kids and adults with ZERO side effects and ZERO contraindications!




“I cannot tell you the difference your CBD has made for me and my kids!! We have weaned off all of my kids old psychotropic meds, and both kids tell me they are sleeping better, feeling better, have less anxiety, can focus better in school and my son, especially – his moods are MUCH more even and calmer and his ADHD has basically disappeared. But that’s not even all of it… After seeing a post on FB about your CBD for pets, I gave two of the 10 mg. capsules a day for our rescue dog and NO MORE PUPPY SEIZURES! It’s truly a miracle. For me, I can tell you at my age I REALLY appreciate the hormonal evenness I never thought I’d have again. Let’s just say my PMS week was not pretty. Now that’s resolved too. No more cramps and I didn’t even have my usual PMS migraine!! TMI, but really, I had to share all of this because everyone in my family is benefitting in all kinds of ways and it’s a life changer. I can’t thank you enough for making these products.”

~ Melody F., NY




“I have a child with autism and getting him to bed every night was a real struggle. I think your product is GENIUS and it really helps my son calm down and sleep better. Thank you for creating this. It makes a real difference for me and my son.”

~ Tracey H., NY




“Love – Love – Love your aromatherapy sprays. After two days of trade shows on my feet for 5-8 hours I wanted to crawl home and crash. A little spritz from each bottle and I felt like I was energized again. I awoke with a slight headache and sluggish mood, spritz spritz and I am ready to be a positive productive Monday morning business owner. Thank you for creating this dynamic product I can see it will become part of my daily life.”

~ Dana Boulanger, Publisher Natural Awakenings Magazine (Westchester/Putnam)




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