Stick it in your ear!

Since my mother and grandmother were poets and English teachers there was no choice but to learn early and well the rule about using “an” as the indefinite article prior to a word that starts or sounds like a vowel (ex: “I ate AN apple” not “I ate A apple”).  Strunk and White were names as common as Hebrew National in my house and using proper grammar is as deeply embedded in my psyche as the admonition to never put anything in your ear smaller than an elbow.

Compared to my mother, my ability to ingrain these essential lessons is obviously lacking.  My latest pediatrician visit was to dig out a wax covered pencil-top eraser out of my son’s ear – God knows how long it had been there. Despite the obvious eloquence and good grammar my son used to express his shock,  I still do not feel I am educating my children as assuredly as I’d hoped.  Where did I go wrong?

Sound familiar?  So I’m curious.  What are our most sacred parental adages and how well do we think they’re being passed on to our prodigies?  Hmmm, idea percolating . . .  I am going to compile a top ten list of “things-our-parents-taught-us-that-seem-to-be-lost-in-translation-for-our-kids” (posting soon).

Remember, sharing a good laugh keeps us all sane or at least somewhat distracted while we climb the almost overwhelming steepness of Mt. Good-Parent.

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