Building a Tribe

I belong to many tribes.  My faith tradition is a tribe.  My Divas-do-Lunch group is a tribe. My professional and networking groups such as NYWICI and Over40Females are tribes. Even my newly formed Luna Sisters Club (a monthly girls-night-out with neighborhood moms) is a tribe.

And this past weekend, the largest tribe I have ever experienced welcomed me to their sisterhood.  

More than 5,000 female bloggers, social media mavens and female entrepreneurs attended the BlogHer conference in NYC.  I have been a writer for years and specifically a blogger for the last couple, but I had never attended a gathering of this magnitude. And now, I cannot imagine missing one.  Being a part of the BlogHer conference was like diving naked into a gooey lake filled with organic, calorie-less, chocolate.  

The schedule was punctuated with luminary keynotes led by Martha Stewart, Katie Couric and yes, even President Obama, who opened his live feed address to a packed Grand Ballroom with “Michelle says hi”.  Apparently, the First Lady is a member of the BlogHer tribe too.  

But what makes a tribe so special and relevant isn’t just the leadership, it’s the core members.  And this is where I have to acknowledge and honor my new sisters.

Woman who blog do so because they are seeking an intersection between their mission, passion and bliss.  They are seeking outlets for connection by sharing everything from the most intimate details of their lives to the highest levels of their wisdom.  

The combination of authenticity, integrity and intention is being rewarded, as well it should be.  Women bloggers are an immensely sought after market for major brands.  This accounts for the two floors of Expo Hall and private suites filled to the brim with diverse companies including Mattel, Starbucks, Earth’s Best, Udi’s, T-Mobile, Hillshire Farms and 124 others clambering to create sponsored partnerships with some of the biggest and brightest BlogHers out there. From personal to technical, foodie to fashion, inspirational to educational, every genre, subject and cause is validated, celebrated and elevated like never before by female bloggers.

So who are these women? Mostly regular moms . . . women who shake up, shape up and make up the vast majority of household decision makers.  Whether they are cooking from their tiny kitchens or have built media empires, these women have more than savvy; they have tremendous heart and a commitment to live their lives on their own terms.  Female bloggers are to this rapidly evolving planet what Charlie’s Angels were to 70s TV.  They are icons and innovators and I am so very proud to be a part of this tribe.  

Like the 4,999+ others who attended this weekend, I will share my message, my voice and my heart.  And now I realize I have a pretty big pool of others who will support me as I do just that.

[Photo Credits: Photo 1 – BlogHer’12 lunch line Hilton, NY, Photo 2 – Diva Mama and Diana (Cookie of Katonah) & Photo 3 – L-R Jenn (, Kim (FindYourFit) and me

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