Near Death = New Life

[For those who may have missed the news that I was the invited guest blogger on Katie Couric’s new ABC talk show yesterday, below is a reposting of the blog that appears on The follow-up post to the show yesterday will appear later this week. A special shout out to the incredible women at BlogHer. It was our wonderful convention in NYC that put me on Katie’s radar.] ———————
Surviving a near-death experience is nothing we learn about in school.  We’re not taught what to do when a sudden trauma, accident or illness threatens your life.  We just go into auto pilot, an observer if you will, of an event that seems out-of-body, even though it’s happening to you.

Even more sublime, when you survive a near-death experience, it changes you.  The way you look at life is different.  Your lens has shifted, and suddenly you might be more open to talk about heaven and past lives, you might sense God, or feel Spirit in new ways, and you most certainly might take on a new-found appreciation for life on earth and all that it has to offer.  Along with this transformation comes more compassion, sensitivity and appreciation.  At least this is what happened to me.

I was pregnant with my second child, a boy.  My daughter was almost two and my husband was a compulsive liar, con-man and manipulator who had lost his job, alienated our friends and cheated on me.  By my second pregnancy we were all but done and I was beyond stressed.  Add to this lovely picture that my pregnancy was super high-risk, and I was in trouble.

When the time came to give birth I felt very much alone despite the fact that I was a singer and Cantor of a large synagogue. I was a pretty high-vibe person, but nothing prepared me for what happened next.  I started to hemorrhage and emerged through my planned C-section battered but intact.  Later in the day I had an examination to check my vitals.  When the doctor pressed on my abdomen I exploded inside, and began to hemorrhage uncontrollably.  My blood pressure crashed and that’s when I suddenly left my body.  It was as if I was looking down on myself and could see everyone in the room, but I wasn’t connected, I was floating.  I saw the team rush to my side, observed in fine detail the tenseness in the faces that surrounded me. I felt a shift in my breathing, like it was clear and free from stress.

Everything seemed serenely calm and detached.  I was no longer worried.  I was curious but not concerned. At first I was acutely aware of the sounds, noises in the room and the code that had been called — all while above my body.  Then that beautiful white light we hear so much about surrounded me — calm, loving, forgiving. I was floating but didn’t feel drawn to go up or come back.  I’m not sure how long that lasted, but I knew I had a decision to make.

Hours later I awoke in my bed.  I was disconnected, seeing things again, but I felt weird; it was as if the world around me was a little muted after seeing things so clearly while floating.  I had come back, and thankfully the stillness and peace I had experienced out of body, was now something I carried within me.

Over the next few weeks and months I healed from the birth trauma, but I could never again go back to my previous life.  Everything shifted – my marriage, my job and even some of my friends.  

I took back control of my life, got divorced, began dating, landed a prestigious new job and moved to another state. The energy of this vastly different experience was at the core of a shift that touched every part of my life.  I couldn’t go back, I could only embrace an uncertain future with more calm and trust than I ever thought possible.

Even now when I feel like my physical life gets to be too much I have an ability to access that place — call it heaven, or spirit, or the astral plane — and I can use those feelings and guidance in ways I never dreamed.  

Because of my near death experience and re-birth I became a past life regressionist, interfaith minister, blogger and writer.

I am changed and consider myself blessed because one day I almost died… but didn’t.

[Photo credits: ABC/The Katie Show & Shira Adler]

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