New Year, New ‘Tude, New Book! The ABC’s of CBD

You know when you have so much to say you barely know where to begin?  Yeah, it’s kind of like that.  So, I’m just going to say “hey” and keep things short and sweet for this inaugural post of 2018.

Don’t get me wrong!  I have a LOT to share with you and I’m so honored you’re checking out my all-new blog site.  Actually, basically everything (if you’ve known me before) about my social platform and presence is new.

I’m kicking off the new year with a whole new ‘tude!  Allow me to (re)introduce myself.

I’m Shira.  Author.  Speaker. Instigator.

Or you may know me by my other nicknames:

  • #MAMA (Modern Alternative Mom Advocate)
  • #ThePotMom
  • #MetaphysicalMrsFields
  • #TheEdgyGoddess!

Joyful chaos should be my middle name. I’ve been insanely busy birthing my newest baby—The ABC’s of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents (And regular folks too). Grab your copy in either paperback or Kindle.

But don’t stop there…let’s kick off the new year with a new conversation about CBD!

Don’t know what that is, or why it matters? Then welcome to the Canna-Curious Community.

Watch this video to understand why I wrote my book, and why the topic is so significant on so many levels (medically, socially, historically, legally):

Honestly, I am so pissed off at the way our government is delaying the inevitable — PROGRESS — when it comes to cannabis, medical marijuana, integrative medicine, and social justice.

Not sure how those things are related?  GET MY DANG BOOK and you’ll totally get it.

Because let’s face it, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably just as fed up, frustrated, or furious about the state of affairs plaguing society today.

ESPECIALLY if you live in the U.S. and have to tolerate the blithering idiocy of Jeff Sessions and Trump (I think I just swallowed a bit of vomit).

Well I can’t stand it, so I wrote this book to educate, empower, and engage those who read it.

So if you’re like me (if status-quo is a no-go for you too), if you want to wake up your consciousness, and actually DO something about what you see around you, then (as my teens like to say) it’s time to get WOKE!

Are you ready?  Comment.  Click.  Connect.   Don’t you wish everything were that easy?