Meet Shira

Spiritually Sexy Shira Adler — author, speaker and instigator — is a bold and bodacious babe whose attitudes, opinions, and experiences will either get her arrested — or change the world.  

Featured as the debut mom on Bravo’s Extreme Guide to Parenting, Shira Adler, is “that funky spiritual ‘soccer-mom’ whose throat chakra has no off switch.”

Also known as #MAMA (Modern Alternative Mom Advocate), #MetaphysicalMrsFields & #ThePotMom, Shira Adler is a clear and conscious voice for our time. A media wellness host, healer, educator, advocate, and entrepreneur, Shira has generated millions of impressions across a broad range of linear and digital platforms.

Shira is passionate about alternative healing, especially CBD, and has developed a unique natural wellness company,, that includes incredibly pure, powerful, and potent organic hemp CBD products and the world’s first line of transformative CBD-infused aromatherapy (check out what other moms say about Synergy Sprays).

Shira also maintains a private practice as an intuitive/ spiritual counselor and Certified Past Life Regressionist to help clients through a quick and powerful transformational tool to identify and clear issues affecting them in this lifetime based on the cellular memory of past lifetimes.

In the mainstream “earth plane reality” world, Shira has had appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Katie Couric, Montel Williams, and on local and national news outlets, podcasts and more.

Shira’s articles have been featured across various genre from cannabis magazines, to holistic and traditional parenting magazines, to blogs including on Kveller and HuffPost.

Active with Women Grow, BlogHer, and NY Women in Communications, Shira is growing her reach and engagement with audiences ready for transformational edu-tainment and cutting edge advocacy.

She’s the President of the northern Westchester chapter of the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce, and was founder and leader of the northern Westchester Holistic Moms Network.

Shira’s book, The ABC’s of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents (And regular folks too), is now available and more titles are the way! The upcoming publications include books in the natural wellness, spiritual practices, holistic parenting, and personal empowerment genre.

Shira’s passion is to break down old paradigms for what she calls the “Beyond-the-Spectrum” generation — inspired by her two activated teen advocates and adventurers.