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Next to having a “throat chakra with no off switch,” the next most “active” part of my body are my hands.

I use them…a lot…when I talk (on and off camera), when I write —

As for my book, The ABC’s of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents (And regular folks too), I hope you’ve gotten your copy already — especially if you’re interested in learning: Why Pot Is NOT What We Were Taught!

This book is “a must read” (not my words…a legit early reviewer quote). Clearly, it’s a sign of just how much buzz there is about the topic of CBD.

I’m incredibly grateful to get reviews from inspirational advocates, industry and parenting experts, like one from Marvin Washington, former NFL Super Bowl winner and medical cannabis advocate and many more…

So really, why am I all about CBD?  If you’ve heard of CBD and think it’s either an acronym for a secret government lab (What?  I  just finished binging Stranger Things season 2) or one of your teens texting abbreviations (OMG it’s soooo not Mom, how lame are you?) let me clue you in.

CBD is a powerfully important (in culture and medicine) plant based ingredient short for cannabidiol—the main non-psychoactive, side-effect and contraindication-free cannabinoid.  Research shows it’s beneficial to treat a ridiculous amount of challenges, issues, and ailments.

Don’t just take my opinion for it… watch this.

Clearly you see why I am so passionate about CBD.  Basically I live, breathe and yes, ingest CBD daily. Lots of peeps do.  If you want to connect with them, or be a part of a canna-curious community, join the tribe aka my new FB group: The ABC’s of CBD.

How’s that for starters?  If you want to learn more about my handiwork (literally)…

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