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If you’re an expansive thinker, soul searcher, or paradigm buster, this is the site for you.  

Right now, in this moment, it’s time to “Get WOKE!”  

What’s that mean?  (So glad you asked…)

Woke: adjective \  ˈwōk \ — Slang for being aware of, and actively attentive to, important facts and issues.

This is your joy ride, and I’m the spiritual tour guide to help you on your journey. And you can listen in to hear more about this journey to greater clarity and better health…

I’ll use my head, throat, hands, and heart to get you going, thinking, exploring, and transcending whatever it is you’re ready to shed.

I’m on this planet to make it easier for you to get the essential and most beneficial information you need to really get in touch with your own, and your family’s, experience, health, vibrancy, emotional well-being, and relationship to the world around us.

I want to know what keeps you up at night. To help you find the answers to YOUR deep WHY’s?” To help you discover what turns you on, tunes you in, and gets you going. 

My throat chakra has no off switch.  Keynotes, workshops, events, CBD education, and products…spiritual counseling and past life regression, plus a new blog and newsletter… pick and choose or explore it all!

Are you ready?  

Let’s jump down the rabbit hole and get this consciousness-shifting party started!

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Shout Outs for Shira…

No more meds with side effects!

I can’t tell you the difference your CBD has made for me and my kids!! We weaned my kids off all their psychotropic meds, and both kids tell me they sleep better, feel better, have less anxiety, and focus better in school. I’ve seen an even bigger difference in my son—his moods are MUCH more even and calmer and his ADHD has basically disappeared.

Wendy F., NY

My autistic child sleeps so much better

I have a child with autism and getting him to bed every night was a real struggle. I think your product is GENIUS and it really helps my son calm down and sleep better. Thank you for creating this. It makes a real difference for me and my son.

Tracey H., NY

A little spritz and I was back in the game!

“Love – Love – Love your aromatherapy sprays. After two days of trade shows on my feet for 5-8 hours I wanted to crawl home and crash. A little spritz from each bottle and I felt like I was energized again. I awoke with a slight headache and sluggish mood, spritz spritz and I am ready to be a positive productive Monday morning business owner. Thank you for creating this dynamic product I can see it will become part of my daily life.

Dana Boulanger, PublisherNatural Awakenings Magazine

About the Author

I’m that “that funky spiritual-soccer-mom” — a ‘soulpreneur’ that gets you activated, engaged, and inspired. Known as #MAMA (Modern Alternative Mom Advocate), #ThePotMom and #MetaphysicalMrsFields, I’m a bold and bodacious babe out to change the world. As a wellness media personality, I’m not afraid to stand up, speak out, and shake things up. Check out my book (The ABC’s of CBD) to see what I mean.

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