Grey Brain Matters



Monsanto is at it again and this time they are using what I call “academic influence” tactics I actually learned about as a young girl. This carefully orchestrated dance of discreetly hidden influence is the issue as I see it in the PR war on misinformation regarding GMOs.

I consider myself an intelligent, free thinking and due diligence-oriented kind of gal. Perhaps these traits were influenced from my youth, growing up with a father who was a professor, then department chair of a prominent Ivy League university. I learned by watching my father and his colleagues struggle for survival in the academic jungles of higher education. I observed at a young age how the “system” works at most bastions of the higher mind regarding funding, grants and support for our esteemed collegiate institutions.

It’s simple. Trace the statements, reports and findings that influence public opinion and policy to money accepted by the hands of vetted intellectuals who are willing to sway their opinions and research. Simply, a study is only as good as the money behind it. My first cousin, renowned author, Allegra Goodman wrote Intuition, which although fiction, is entirely based on real truths and empathetically resonant characters. What can I say? The ethos of higher learning in its highest and less than best forms is deeply embedded in my psyche, as well as my family tree.

I could write ad nauseam dissecting the puppeteers behind this flawed system, but I don’t need to because there are powerful emerging documentaries like BOUGHT (available as a free download), and excellent articles such as this one, by Tom Philpott, recently published in Mother Jones, one of my favorite open-minded and intellectually riveting magazines. The piece is a thorough, essential and revelatory article regarding the disingenuous nature of connections between Monsanto and our highest and most lauded educational environments.

Please understand, however, I am not posting links to Bought or Mr. Philpott’s Mother Jones article to imply that all prominent scientists cannot, or do not, form their own educated opinions – merely that some of those opinions are highly manipulated and used to influence and thereby further manipulate the masses, i.e. “regular folk” like you and me.

To stay independently educated and informed requires tremendous effort against such insidious tactics. Please watch the movie, read and share the article and lend your voice to causes like Millions Against Monsanto by​, Documenting Hope and