Trainwreck or Transcendant? Why my daughter & I did another stint on reality TV…

FemPowerment through the lens of Reality TV?!

I share this with nervous anticipation…  

And no… what I’m about to share doesn’t have anything to do with my usual cannabis/hemp industry… or at least not in the obvious sense. 

I’m on the Mel Robbins Show with my daughter Emma Adler, Tuesday,
Nov. 12th, because of a word I use often in my home, life, work—and yes, in raising my kids. 


For those of you who know me personally… or at least those of you who have followed my blogs in the past years… you’ll know how important it’s been for me to raise my kids consciously, mindfully, and to vibrantly express themselves with full artistic authenticity. 

However, one should be careful for what they wish… or be more specific… since the Universe listens, and responds to language most seriously.  
Somehow, I must have let that element slip by in the earnestness of my single-Mama-bear ferocity which has ruled my planets for most of this incarnation.  

Because in all of the past trauma that my kids and I have endured… I may have forgotten to make it clear to my now not-so-little-and-no-longer-a-minor Miss Emma that being “out there” doesn’t have to be SOOO far out there that people become confused or concerned for her professional, much less personal well being. 

Now how’s THAT for a disclaimer?   

Emma has decided to strengthen her natural dry wit, and satirical yet sometimes avant-garde, in your face brand of feminism on social media… 
I personally love her classic style humor as demonstrated in her YouTube video “I Am Jay Alvarez” and even the slightly more self-deprecating comedy stylings found in a more recent “My Dad Found My Vibrator” (though the man in question is not her bio Dad, nor even my life partner any more…).

She also took the time to put up an explanation video in: “Update, Yo.
Yet some of what she’s been up to… her IG thread, the video before the “update”… I get it… what she is trying to say… AND why MEL ROBBINS went off on her as well.  

Does it matter that Emma’s IG bio headline says “Marcel Duchamp is my Dad” (though I suggested it be changed to “Marcel Duchamp is my Dada…” I mean if you’re going to use a post-expressionism French artist reference, might as well make the reference as oblique as possible).   Maybe this will help, if you’ve ever taken a modern art survey course?  The artist is famous for a sculpture called “The Fountain” which is really — a urinal.
All that being said, I want to make it very clear that I am very proud of my daughter for who she is, what she does, and the passion with which she does it.

At the same time my daughter has at times freaked me out.  That’s her job as a teen. 

And sure, I wish she didn’t demonstrate or share so much… um… passion… but then again, with a Mom like me… what did I expecther growing pains to look like as she artistically splashes them all across social media?

Finally, yes, I am going to write about this experience and yes, it’s going to become a chapter in my in-progress project called: A Collection of Highly Unusual Circumstances.  (Shout out – thanks to my new lit agent, Bill Gladstone who will be helping take this — the third project — looking to get picked up… but that’s another story for another day).  

For today, here is what really matters…My daughter (and my son, and myself) have been through a lot in this lifetime together thus far… some of the chapters have been very dark and difficult.  Emerging into the light and wanting to be brave and bold, is something I celebrate in my children and actually, in how all three of us choose to express ourselves.

I also recognize my generation does not feel about Feminism the way my daughter’s does… it’s almost, at times, a different animal.   Maybe what Emma in her satirically provocative fashion, is sharing is the natural consequence of a modern society struggling to regain its footing in the still nascent aftermath of the #MeToo movement.  

Maybe we have just become so desensitized to the harsh, brazen, and frighteningly “over-the-top” world that it takes this level of artistry to shake us up and get us woke?  

I don’t know… I do not profess to have all the answers.  

What I DO know is…

I wish I could FOREVER protect my children from the things that go bump in the night, the monsters hiding under their beds… all manner and form of “scary” that used to unsettle them… and the versions that today, frighten me even more.

Mel Robbins did her own version of this… and twisted some facts in order to make the bi-line of the show and some of what she raised ON the show more provocative… and it isn’t accurate… but I let it slide (so did Emma) as we didn’t want to waste energy correcting what reality TV does… make it “train-wreck” worthy for air time… and honestly, Emma is a big girl and can handle hearing from other powerful women how some of what she does lands on them (in the name of Feminism or not…).

I also could have corrected Mel when she wanted to go after me for not being able to “control” Emma… but is the the point of parenting?  Control or Threaten them if our kids don’t do what we like or feel they should?  

I don’t think so. This is why Emma and I went on the Mel Robbins show… we needed to be open to other people’s perceptions (aka their “reality”) and have this discussion.  

We needed to once again (this is eerily reminiscent of our Bravo foray from back in the day, when my kids were 10 & 12), work through a life experience offering ourselves as thin, yet resilient strips of soulful litmus paper to test our society against the truer nature of our souls.  

Watch the episode, then (gently) tell me what you think… to find your local station / air time: and click on the “Find Your Station” tab. 

Meaningfully yours,
#TheEdgyGoddess aka @QueenMomager@The1ShiraAdler 

ps You can find all of my family’s artistic endeavors through the following links:
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